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The Attorney General has released the Federal Government’s draft Religious Freedom Bills.

While moves to better protect religious freedom are welcome, the proposed changes are problematic.

The draft Religious Freedom legislation:

  • Fails to properly protect freedom of religion in public or the workplace, leaving many exposed.
  • Fails to properly protect freedom of religious conscience in the delivery of goods and services including, but not limited to, bakers, florists, photographers and doctors.
  • Fails to properly protect faith-based schools, putting their ability to maintain their ethos at risk.
  • Fails to protect the rights of parents to educate their children in accordance with their wishes
  • Fails to properly protect free speech, with no guarantee that an Archbishop Porteous-like situation cannot occur again.

Faith is not merely a private aspect of life. Faith has broad implications for all of life, informing thought, inspiring service, and moderating human relations. 

People of faith, and religious organisations, must be free to live out their faith without fear of reprisal. 

Our nation therefore should comprehensively protect religious freedom as a positive right.

Please send a quick email to your MPs urging him to enact laws that provide comprehensive protection for religious freedom.

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