freedom under threat

The Attorney General has released the Federal Government’s second draft religious freedom bills.

While there are a number of proposed improvements over the first draft, the legislative package still inadequately protects religious freedom in key areas:

  • It fails to provide comprehensive protection for religious organisations;
  • It fails to adequately protect religious speech, at work or in private;
  • It fails to protect against state laws eroding religious freedom;
  • It fails to adequately protect charitable organisations which have a traditional view onmarriage and human sexuality;
  • It fails to adequately protect freedom of conscience in the delivery of goods and services.

Faith is not merely a private aspect of life. Faith has broad implications for all of life, informing thought, inspiring service, and moderating human relations. 

People of faith and religious organisations must be free to live out their faith without fear of reprisal. 

Our nation therefore should comprehensively protect religious freedom as a positive right.

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