Prostitution is the main bushfire to fight currently here in South Australia, as MPs are considering their verdict ahead of debate expected in the next few weeks. Now is the time for us all to take up our responsibilities as Christians, sharing the light and salt of Christ in a culture that will degenerate if not for the preserving influence of God’s people.

I urge you to please use two or three of the following points as you communicate with your local MP:

The Statutes Amendment (Decriminalisation of Sex Work) Bill 2018 is a most appallingly problematic proposal.

Under the bill, children of any age will be allowed to be on the premises when prostitution is occurring.​

Media organisations will not be able to refuse to take advertisements for brothels or commercial sexual services.​

Police would lose their powers to enter and search premises reasonably suspected as a brothel. Hence illegal behaviour currently associated with brothels would be less likely to be dealt with by police.​

Soliciting, procuring, living off the earnings, frequenting a brothel, keeping a brothel, pimping, advertising for prostitution, allowing a premises to be used as a brothel would all become lawful.​

​Street prostitution would be allowed anywhere and at any time. Brothels could operate anywhere, subject only to existing zoning laws.​

Prostitution could be promoted at career events in schools and tertiary institutions.

Your daughter/granddaughter and mine could be approached lawfully by a pimp who could invite her to earn fast money as a prostitute!​

Your role as a parliamentarian is to protect people from harm and to resist legislation that would approve of the commodification and abuse of young women especially.

Please reject the bill in principle, rather than to try to patch up a fundamentally flawed proposal.

Please urgently contact MPs and ask them to oppose the bill.

It’s easy and will only take a few moments of your time.