radical gender bill vic

Dan Andrews’ government has introduced a bill which will, if enacted, allow adult Victorians to legally change gender without undergoing any 'sex-change' treatment – with just a statutory declaration and ‘friend’s’ supporting statement.

Victorian children would also be permitted to change gender with permission from parents and a doctor or psychologist.

Gender change (right back to birth certificate) would be permissible for any individual - once per year!

FamilyVoice had a significant part to play in the defeat of an identical bill in the Victorian upper house in December 2016, by the slenderest of margins – 19:19. Other states and territories have passed similar laws.

This bill is another escalation of the ideological war being waged by Daniel Andrews’ government upon traditional and Christian values, and the breakdown of family, religion and morality.

Herald Sun writer Rita Panahi calls it ‘far-left’ . . . lunacy dressed up as tolerance.’ “The law reform,” she says, “would see individuals not only allowed to select a gender different from their anatomy but nominate other options beyond male and female, including “any other gender diverse or non-binary descriptor of their own choice” – like “pangender (identify as more than one gender), trigender (identify as male, female and third genders) or neutrois (a non-binary gender identity considered to be null gender).”

Ms Panahi continues, “Professor of pediatrics John Whitehall believes the changes have the potential to damage children’s lives and feed the “delusion that gender is fluid.”

“This is ratifying the concept that gender is fluid and not binary. It’s a propaganda victory . . . there is no proof whatsoever that children will be happier.”

Serious consequences arise from such drastic legal changes. “Males who self-identify their sex as ‘female,’ but are nonetheless entirely physically male, would be legally indistinguishable from actual females, giving them legally sanctioned access to all spaces, services and positions reserved for women and girls,” said the Women’s Liberation Front in 2016.

Women’s toilets and changerooms in shopping centers would be accessible by biological males claiming to be female. Around the world, and in Australia, stories of stalking, predatorial behavior, sexual assault and rape by such people abound.

Questions arise when birth certificates are no longer gender immutable. With gender fluidity legalized will employers, dating websites, doctors, even spouses and children, be fully informed? Won’t all our birth certificates become somehow discredited?

“This legislation,” Ms Panahi says, “is just another facet of the social engineering we’ve seen under the Andrews government. These initiatives are not produced out of thin air. There is significant activism behind every bill and program. Safe Schools, which under the guise of an anti-bullying program pushes radical gender theory on Victorian school children, had a hard-line Marxist among its architects.”

In George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, Oceana’s Ministry of Truth pushes the slogan ‘Freedom is Slavery.’ The only ‘freedom’ permitted is total acceptance of every lie propagated by the state, no matter how irrational, illogical, fabricated or dishonest. Thus, only complete ‘slavery’ to the whims of the state provides citizens’ peace. Victorians are being asked by their government to swallow bigger and bigger lies, and, as in 1984, the outcome of fearful silence may eventually be complete subjugation.

We need you to urgently contact MPs and tell them to oppose the bill.

It’s easy and will only take just a few moments of your time.

NOTE: This campaign is open to VIC residents only.