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Freedom of religion in Australia meant that Christianity was able to influence our country, contributing to national values such as the fair go, loyalty to your mates and willingness to make sacrifices for future generations. It gave families a strong foundation.

That’s why it’s crucial that we stand up together for what we believe. Because when we communicate our faith and values, and share them with others, we help Australia understand why it’s so important that Christians remain able to freely live out and communicate our faith.

And with a federal election just around the corner, what you believe matters most should influence how you vote.

So please, consider these options:

1.     Write short letter to your local member (and then post it or deliver it in person). Writing a personal letter/card is still the gold standard in relating to a local member. There is a sample letter below to give you some ideas. Here’s a link to find your member’s address.

2.     Sign the IbelieveandIvote open letter. We’ll respect the privacy of your details but will communicate with the leaders of the different parties that we represent thousands of people for whom religious freedom is important and who will be voting with their faith in mind.

Let’s remind Australia that freedom to follow Christian faith and values has contributed to making our nation one of the most free and prosperous nations in the world.

Sample letter with examples of how we are positively influenced by Christ.

Dear (local member)

I write today to say that religious freedom is important to me and will be in my mind when I vote at the upcoming election.

My Christian faith is what makes me a responsible citizen, support charitable causes, help my neighbour, exercise some restraint on my emotions, use my time and money moderately, love my family, regard all human life as sacred, care about the vulnerable like babies in the womb and aged and infirm people, especially family members.

It makes me more tolerant of others and willing to share this great land with others especially those fleeing persecution.

The Christian faith is not self-interested and constantly prompts me to think of others.

To limit religious freedom of this kind is to limit what makes the family and society function.

Please use your influence to protect true religious liberty.

Yours faithfully,

(Your name).

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