Add your voice to protect our nation’s children from online pornography!

Children are a precious gift. And much of the time, protecting them comes naturally…

We hold our kids’ hands crossing the road. We don’t let them play with fire. We strap them in car seats, teach them to swim, and we censor films.

But right now, as a nation, we’re leaving our kids exposed and vulnerable online – with children accessing hardcore pornography every day.

The statistics are shocking.

A 2013 study shows that on average, kids are first exposed to pornography at age 11. And by age 15, 100% of males and 80% of females reported that they’d been exposed to violent online pornography.

And the consequences are catastrophic.

Children as young as six years old are sexually abusing other children – with these distressing behaviours increasing in severity and frequency since the widespread uptake of broadband.

One thing is clear – it’s time to demand change. That’s why your support for FamilyVoice Australia’s new Cleanfeed Campaign is so vital.

Together we must call for proactive legislative action to protect our nation’s children from the horror and harm of online pornography.

The Cleanfeed Campaign will only succeed as friends like you add your voice so we can raise a rallying cry that can’t be ignored!

There are four ways you can make a difference:

Sign the letter to the Prime Minister to add your voice to the campaign. You can sign the copy enclosed and send to FamilyVoice, or you can sign online at

Support the Cleanfeed Campaign with a financial gift to build momentum and expand campaign activities, including frontline work with politicians. You can use the enclosed reply card or visit

Share the news about Cleanfeed with your friends, family and church. Use the photocopiable form enclosed, or download at

Read indepth about Cleanfeed internet and share the article on your social networks

Pray! Please seek God’s blessing on this campaign, that He’ll grant us favour with those in authority for the sake of Australia’s children. 

Please act today to add your voice to this critical campaign – so that together we can speak out to protect the innocence of the children entrusted to our nation.

Thank you!