The UK Model: A Way Forward for Australia?

The United Kingdom is the only major Western nation to have introduced mandatory internet filtering of pornography, largely at the initiative of Prime Minister David Cameron. Does the UK internet regime provide a viable model for Australia?  Has it been effective?  How have concerns about censorship creep been addressed?  Should regulation be part of a comprehensive solution to the crisis of child exposure to pornography?  In this presentation, former FamilyVoice worker Dr. Sandifer will explore these questions, presenting the history of the UK approach to internet pornography and suggesting ways to incorporate lessons from the UK for Australia.

About Dr. David John Sandifer

Dr. Sandifer's Ph.D. in history (Cambridge, 2014) looked at changes in public morality in Britain in the early nineteenth century.  More specifically, his thesis focused on concerns about the protection of moral innocence.  He has a longstanding interest in the relationship between media and character development, particularly in light of the increasing sexualisation of contemporary society.  For the past year, he has been involved in launching a campaign to draw attention to the crisis of child exposure to internet pornography, and served on the planning committee for the Porn and Harms to Children and Young People Symposium. He is an ordained minister in the Anglican Church and speaks and lectures widely in the Sydney area.


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