FamilyVoice Australia continues to raise concern about the harms done through gender intervention among young people.

In 2019 the federal health minister sought counsel from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians about the gender dysphoria treatment of children and adolescents. The College obtained advice from clinicians and reported its findings in early March 2020 - to the effect that a national inquiry into gender dysphoria would not increase the scientific evidence available.

But if government doesn’t look for evidence it will not find any.

We recently held a webinar with Bernard Lane, a journalist with The Australian newspaper who regularly reports alarming new information about the dangers of gender intervention.

We are highlighting some of the evidence raised by Bernard Lane, who recently reported that teenage girls who identify as male and obtain gender treatment are receiving warnings about cancer risks associated with the intervention.

We have reminded parliamentarians about their duty of care to ensure the mental and physical development of children is helped but never hindered.

It’s unacceptable for the Royal Australasian College of Physicians effectively to advise the government against holding an inquiry, and it’s equally unacceptable for our elected representatives to heed that advice when new knowledge is constantly revealed by investigators.

FamilyVoice has re-iterated such concerns with MPs and is urging them towards a prudential course of action involving a wide-ranging inquiry into the harms done through radical gender intervention.

Since MPs have a stake-holding in the running of hospitals and clinics that provide interventions to young people with gender confusion, all MPs must take up their responsibilities and agitate for a thorough inquiry.


For more information, please contact campagin director David d'Lima.