Save Freo from All Ages Drag 800px

The Fremantle City Council’s Youth Network, in Western Australia, is calling for adult and child performers for an “All Ages Drag Show” on September 17 and claims that performances will be “all-age-friendly”.

This is a highly inappropriate event for “all ages”, and must be cancelled immediately by the City of Fremantle.

Children need protecting from exposure to sexualized content. Many adult drag performers choose inappropriate and sexualized stage names.

The exaggerated makeup and clothing of “drag shows” is inappropriate for children because it distorts womanhood and manhood for little minds, before they have a maturely formed definitions of their own sex.

The claim it will be “all-age-friendly” reads more as a “disclaimer” for organisers, even if children present are exposed to inappropriate “drag” behaviours at the show.

Surely there are more suitable events that all young people can enjoy?

Children often search online names and key phrases out of curiosity and are then exposed to explicit materials. Most “drag queens” are adult entertainers!

Please send a message to City of Fremantle Mayor that drag shows are inappropriate for children, especially by a city-funded event.