Thank Cumberland Council 1080 1

FamilyVoice welcomes the decision by Cumberland City Council which has voted to ban same-sex parenting books.

Cumberland City Council says they need to respect the wishes of their residents as complaints had been made about a book called “Same-Sex Parents” that had sparked complaints from constituents.

Former mayor and current councilor Steve Christou said the council's religious and conservative community did not want 'controversial issues going against their beliefs indoctrinated into their libraries'.

Mr Christou rejected the suggestion the ban was discriminatory, telling the Herald that the book was sexualising young children.

'Children are innocent and should be allowed to enjoy appropriate story reading time in their libraries without being burdened by issues of sexualisation,' he said.

This is great to see children being protected from this indoctrination that goes against community standards.

Please send a message of support to the council asking them to continue with their courageous stand against the same sex juggernaut as children need to be protected.