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It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, and a shocked public is grappling for answers.

You drop your child off, entrusting them to the care of others, and you have faith that the system has checks and balances built in with a minimum standard of supervision of every child and worker, and an effective vetting process.

A 45-year-old childcare worker has been accused of sexual offending of the worst kind against 91 young girls in a dozen centres in Queensland, NSW and overseas, and he worked in more. He has now been charged with 1623 child abuse offences over 15 years. Some of his victims are now 18.

This sends a chill down the spine of every parent taking their children to childcare.

Send a message to the federal parliament to give equal funding to parents who wish to look after their own children rather than send them into this terrible situation.

We must act now to give parents the ability to protect their children from daycare rapists.

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