Peter Dutton 1080p Standing up for Australia Day

Like clockwork each year Australia Day rolls around, the elites take the opportunity to undermine our national day.

This year Woolworths was front and centre claiming that it was no longer stocking Australia Day merchandise because of reduced demand for the products.

There wasn’t a lot of demand for the YES referendum campaign (it was overwhelmingly rejected by Australians) but that didn’t stop Woolworths blowing $1.55 million on the divisive YES campaign.

Woolworths has clearly pinned its woke colours to the mast.

That’s despite a recent poll showing that more than 80 percent of Australians want to celebrate Australia Day on January 26.

Peter Dutton responded strongly to Woolworths woke attack on Australia Day by saying that: “I think people should boycott Woolworths.”

“For Woolworths to start taking political positions to oppose Australia Day is against the national interest, the national spirit”, Dutton added.

“I think the customer should have the final say here, and that's why I think people should take their business elsewhere.”

“For these companies to continue to act the way that they do, the customers need to send a very clear message to them that nonsense has to stop. If you've got spare time and you've got spare cash, bring down the prices of your items and provide support to families, Mr Dutton said.

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