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Senator Alex Antic is a parliamentarian of integrity and wisdom, who is one of few voices of sanity in the political arena. He sticks to his convictions and is one of those honourable individuals who should be commended.

Senator Antic has introduced the Childhood Gender Transition Prohibition Bill 2023. The Bill prohibits health practitioners from performing gender clinical interventions which are intended to transition a minor’s biological sex.

Radical gender therapy is ruining many young lives. In the name of tolerance we are witnessing state-endorsed and publicly-funded child abuse. Children deserve better than to be experimented on with risky and irreversible treatments.

We are grateful people like Senator Antic are speaking up!

You can greatly encourage this relentless defender of common sense if you take a moment to dash off a quick email to thank Senator Antic for his work.

The families and the nation of Australia greatly need more people like him in public office, who will unswervingly hold to the reality that God has made us male or female, and any confusion young people may have should be worked through, not made worse by hormonal and surgical interference.