2023 Stop Anti Freedom 1080p

After a massive outcry, the Labor Government eventually repealed its shambolic and extortionate Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act that attacked private property rights.

Now, the WA government is reportedly delaying its firm plans to table “new equal opportunity legislation” which will attack freedom of conscience and religious association.

We must act together, before the 2025 election, to demolish the disastrous anti-freedom proposals from the WA Law Reform Commission.

The WA government has broadly accepted the LRC’s proposed changes, which are based on Victoria’s anti-discrimination and anti-vilification laws.

The Commission proposes ACT-style vilification legislation that would ban stifle debate about religious convictions, gender identities and sexuality.

The proposals also require faith-based schools to prove that religious belief or activity is an essential requirement of the job for all hiring decisions.

But a political group, for example, will still be permitted to hire according to their political beliefs.

In effect, WA courts and tribunals would be able to interfere with Christian schools and churches on the appointment of staff based on their faith.

Please send an email to your MPs to oppose these anti-freedom, anti-care proposals from the Law Reform Commission.