Hands off christian schools 1080p

A Productivity Commission report proposes eliminating crucial tax deductions for donors to Christian schools.

86% of the sector’s capital funding comes from parents and donations from the broader school community. This is already saving the government a lot of money and the resources are being better utilised.

3500 schools will be adversely affected by this move if it is implemented.

These proposals would force Christian schools to increase school fees to cover capital costs, lower or cancel spending on new schools, or not increase enrolment intakes. This is to a generally lower socio-economic group who are already struggling with cost-of-living pressures.

This would also give the government more control over Christian Schools via direct funding which would not be a good thing all round.

The reality is that Christian schools are performing well, and government schools are failing students. More government control over Christian schools is not the answer.

Please send a strong message to Anthony Albanese and Jim Chalmers that this proposal must not proceed.