Thank Albanese freedom 1080px

What a relief to hear from Anthony Albanese, that religious freedom protections for faith groups “Will not go backwards while I’m Prime Minister of Australia”.

This has been of great concern to Christians and FamilyVoice supporters in particular. Of all the issues that we are contending with, and there are many, this has been up near the top of the list of their concerns.

This is very understandable given that Christianity has been the founding influence on the creation of this great nation of Australia. Without the positive influence of Christianity the future would be of great concern.

Christianity has been the basis of our laws, constitution and our democratic processes. We have become one of the most successful countries to ever exist and we have Christianity to thank for it in large measure.

It was encouraging to hear the Prime Minister recognise that religious bodies, including schools, employing staff based on their faith was not discrimination. His commitment that protections for religious bodies and people of faith would not go backwards provides a measure of relief to concerned schools and their parents.

Please send a message of thanks to Anthony Albanese and thank him for making this great commitment that religious freedoms would not go backwards while he is the Prime Minister.