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Archbishop Anthony Fisher has spoken out strongly against plans to remove the ability of faith-based schools to hire staff with consistent values, as recommended by a recent Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) report.

The recommendations of the ALRC relating to faith-based education must be rejected because, if implemented, they would undermine the freedom of parents to choose such an education for their children and the freedom of religious groups to offer them that option.

It is deeply troubling that the Commission would ignore this long-cherished tradition in Australia, our duties under international law and its own terms of reference that required it to make recommendations that would ensure faith-based schools could continue to be a particular community of faith.

The ALRC report is deeply flawed but reflects a trend to talk down the contributions made by believers and their institutions to our social capital and to narrow their opportunities to serve. Our political leaders must reject the report not only because of the damage it would do to faith-based schools but also because of the signal it sends about people of faith and their activities not being welcome in our community.

I call on our political leaders of all parties to come together to protect our religious freedoms, not just for the sake of believers but for the wider society they serve.

Please send a quick message to Archbishop Anthony Fisher thanking him for his stand against the crackdown on faith-based schools.