Qld campaign hold to account 003

The Qld Parliament doesn’t have an Upper House to review actions and expenditures of the government. It relies on Parliamentary Committees, so the public can know there is proper oversight of how their money is spent and that the governing is acting ethically and legally.

But what if the Premier has a special interest in not permitting the Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee to know the details of her former Deputy Premier Jackie Trad’s legal expenses, being paid by the government?

And what if she doesn’t require her MPs to attend important Committee Meetings, so they cannot occur? One former Labor Speaker, John Mickel, is calling this “outrageous.”

Please send a message to the Qld Premier, to get her Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee members back to their tasks, so the public can be confident on how the money is spent and that crimes are being investigated and reported and ethical standards are maintained.