Thank SA MPs against woke 1080px

SA Parliament’s lower house has implemented new woke language rules in its standing orders which include replacing gendered pronouns he, she, him and her with gender-neutral terms like they, their and them.

But the push has been met with strong opposition in upper house members, and especially from Hon Dennis Hood:

Given the significant community interest and backlash in this matter, I would expect that, should the government move to introduce these changes in the Legislative Council, the Liberals would take it to a joint party room meeting.

My expectation would be that the Liberal Party is likely to come to a different position in the Legislative Council should that occur.

As such, I’m not expecting (the pronoun issue) to be dealt with in the Legislative Council in the short-term, or maybe not at all.

People expect politicians to focus on the real issues, such as ramping and cost of living, and that’s exactly where my attention will be.

Liberal Michelle Lensink — a fellow member of the upper house — had earlier issued a statement in support of the lower house changes.

It’s important the parliament continues to represent all South Australians by reflecting community expectations and the simplifying and updating of references now brings us in line with other jurisdictions across the country.

No matter how much MPs pretend otherwise, God has made people male or female, and no good purpose is served by gender neutrality in communication.

Parliament is losing the plot if it sees a need to deny biological reality. It panders to a silly trend that can only bring about further gender confusion.

Please send a quick message to Dennis Hood, Sarah Game and Frank Pangillo thanking them for their stand on this issue.