Thank Peter Dutton for no blank cheque 1280px

Mr Dutton accused the PM of treating Australians 'like mugs' and demanded Labor flesh out its plan on “The Voice” by answering 15 questions about the make-up of the proposed Voice and its function.

Mr Dutton said his letter was issued on behalf of millions of Aussies 'who just want the detail'.

'You can't just say to the Australian public as the prime minister, 'you vote at an election ... on a Saturday and we'll give you the detail on the Monday'. It's a very serious decision to change our Constitution.'

Dutton's 15 questions about the Indigenous Voice to Parliament

1. Who will be eligible to serve on the body

2. What are the prerequisites for nomination?

3. Will the Government clarify the definition of Aboriginality to determine who can serve on the body?

4. How will members be elected, chosen or appointed?

5. How many people will make up the body

6. How much will it cost taxpayers annually?

7. What are its functions and powers?

8. Is it purely advisory or will it have decision-making capabilities?

9. Who will oversee the body and ensure it is accountable?

10. If needed, can the body be dissolved and reconstituted in extraordinary circumstances?

11. How will the Government ensure that the body includes those who still need to get a platform in Australian public life?

12. How will it interact with the Closing of the Gap process?

13. Will the Government rule out using the Voice to negotiate any national treaty?

14. Will the Government commit to Local and Regional Voices, as recommended in the report on the co-design process led by Tom Calma and Marcia Langton?

15. If not, how will it effectively address the real issues that impact people's lives daily on the ground in the community?

Please send a message to Peter Dutton and David Littleproud thanking them for asking these questions and not giving a blank cheque on this very important decision.