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Freedom for Christian schools in Australia to teach their faith, could be made illegal following recommendations from an Albanese Government commissioned discussion paper. The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) paper recommends forcing religious schools and universities to comply with harmful LGBTQ+ ideology.

Christian schools, on behalf of parents, should be free to address staff and student behaviours which are against their sincerely held religious beliefs. The ALRC report could lead to the Commonwealth stripping schools of the right to hire staff who share their ethos unless their role is specifically a religious role.

Why should LGBTIQ+ political activists be given special privileges in law so their ideology can trump the sincerely held religious beliefs of mainstream Australians?

Students and staff who disagree with Christian ideas of marriage and gender should be free to find a school which suits them, not have the force of law to compel Christians to bow to their views.

A free and tolerant society would allow a diversity of views and uphold freedom of association for people to believe, practice and teach those views.

Contact your federal members and tell them to pass a Religious Freedom Bill to honour the promise given to the Australian people. It is vital to keep the exemptions for faith-based schools in the Sex Discrimination Act to protect the integrity of faith-based schools and to protect the sex-based rights of biological girls in these schools.