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A second Adelaide high school has ditched its toilet doors, with Modbury High joining Golden Grove in opening up what should be closed.

Taking toilet doors off is not a suitable solution for “Gender-neutral” toilets. This puts all children at risk.

Ripping doors off old toilets, just to make them retroactively “mimic” the “new standards” doesn’t work.

It’s a bonkers bureaucracy-gone-wild response that genuinely fails the most basic test – common sense. If you can’t create privacy in toilets, then you need to try harder and leave the doors on.

This is another lefty, woke idea. There should be privacy for all children wanting to use the toilet, including girls’ toilets being free of gender-confused boys.

The fact that, at Modbury, you can see kids urinating from the hallway pretty much sums up the problem – someone, somewhere, didn’t think enough.

A poll run by the Adelaide Advertiser shows that 91% of the 1,772 respondents think the education department is “Crazy” for removing existing toilet doors.

Send a message to Blair Boyer calling on him to do the right thing and protect children at school.