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Victoria’s Voluntary Assisted Dying bill was enacted today, making Victoria the first Australian state to legalise, and provide for, doctor assisted self-killing of vulnerable people.

Six-hour workshops have been held to provide ‘guidelines’ for medical practitioners willing to assist in the suicides – brief training considering the emotional challenges to staff, doctor or patient, and problems that may arise in administering lethal drugs or ‘safeguarding’ the process.

Many questions are still unanswered.

  • Only registered health practitioners have the right to freedom of conscience not to participate in assisted suicide/VAD. What about all the other staff members involved in the death process?
  • Who is responsible for ensuring the patient stops taking laxatives and other medications, fasts the required number of hours prior to ingesting the lethal dose, and turns off an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) if they have one?
  • Who will advise the patient on how to use the suspension and sweet syrup, the lethal substances, and the tools?
  • Have aged care services been suitably briefed on storage of the VAD lethal substances in a resident’s possession? What measures are being taken for the security of the substances, especially if unused?
  • Do our overworked health services, residential aged care providers, health practitioners and other staff have time to properly convene the required planning meetings to discuss the 19 key areas of responsibility like ‘staff capacity and willingness to be involved,’ ‘personal preferences e.g. music, clothing, bedside rituals or customs the patient would like in place’ and ‘who will be responsible for assessing and managing risks for bereaved individuals?’

This is bad, ideology-driven, harmful legislation. Once again, Victoria’s legislators have failed to protect the vulnerable and must now live with the consequences of their awful decisions.

 Israel pic45 min

Israel Folau has spoken out against transgender ideology in a sermon at his church.

Folau has been under intense media pressure over the past couple of months after an April 10 Instagram post in which he warned a number of classes of sinners, including homosexuals, that if they did not repent they would go to hell.

In a sermon at his Sydney church, Folau expressed concern about children “gender transitioning”:

In today’s youths and everything, they are allowing young kids in primary school to be able to have the permission to change their gender if they want by taking away the permission of the parents.

Now they are trying to take control as a government to make those decisions for young kids who are basically 16 years old or young, they don’t even know what they are doing.

This is what the devil is trying to do to instil into this government, into this world, into society, and it is slowly happening.

Folau also pushed back against same-sex ‘marriage’:

They say that a man and a man should be able to be married and there is nothing wrong with it. This buys into the theme of pleasing man rather than pleasing God and standing up for the truth.

In May, Rugby Australia terminated Folau’s four year contract worth $4 million for his comments on Instagram.

Folau has launched legal action which, if successful, could bankrupt Rugby Australia.

It’s not the first time Folau has been under pressure for dissenting from LGBT orthodoxy.

Last year the media piled onto Folau over a response to a question on social media asking: “what was gods [sic] plan for gay people??”.

Folau responded: “HELL.. Unless they repent of their sins and turn to God.”

In response to the post and the firestorm, Folau wrote a PlayersVoice piece in which he spoke of his faith in Jesus Christ:

I would like to explain to you what I believe in, how I arrived at these beliefs and why I will not compromise my faith in Jesus Christ, which is the cornerstone of every single thing in my life.

I hope this will provide some context to the discussion that started with my reply to a question asked of me on Instagram two weeks ago.

I read the Bible every day. It gives me a sense of peace I have not been able to find in any other area of my life. It gives me direction. It answers my questions.

Folau has had an extraordinarily successful football career.  He has played across three different codes: Rugby Union, Rugby League and AFL. Folau is Super Rugby’s highest Australian all-time try scorer in the competition. 

Scott Morrison

On election night, one side started with belief which soon became disbelief. The other side started with unbelief which became incredulous belief.

The Prime Minister then gave us the words that will echo through time: “I have always believed in miracles!”

Antony Green is predicting Bass and Chisholm will join the Coalition bringing the number of seats to 77. There is still the possibility that Macquarie will be won by the Liberal party as well.  The news about the Senate may not be quite so miraculous but there are signs of life as it stirs from its prolonged coma.

So many Christians and social conservatives will be thankful that the social agenda of the Labor Party and Greens has been checked. However the Labor states may not believe that their social agenda was part of the reason why federal Labor is still the Opposition.  We must watch and pray.

The untold story of this election may be how Christians were driven to prayer, protest and to push back against the erosion of Christian values in schools and society generally.  

For us at FamilyVoice, it is both gratifying and humbling to have played a small role alongside our supporters and with so many others in this chapter in the national story. It is a historical moment and efforts of all who have worked and prayed will be remembered.

I am so thankful to all who gave to FamilyVoice during the pre-election period so we could play our part in giving Christian voice for family, faith and freedom. 

Now more than ever it’s time to work and pray for a society in which all children in the womb will be born into loving families, where children in our schools will be safe from dangers social, sexual and ideological, where couples love each other and honour their marriage vows, where the aged and infirm will end their days surrounded by family and friends, where Christians give others reason to believe and where all people treasure the great freedoms that have made our nation the place we love and cherish.  It’s not just about winning elections – it’s about changing the culture.

Now more than ever it’s time to work and pray so that miracles might happen more frequently, where more people say “I have always believed in miracles” and when someone does something miraculous someone else will say ‘He just did a ScoMo’. 


FamilyVoice Australia has worked hard ahead of the federal election to raise concerns about the ALP’s highly problematic republic ambitions.

While FamilyVoice is neutral on the republican question, we are keen to ensure any change is done fairly, with both sides of the case presented at a referendum.
In our view the ALP plan for a plebiscite or postal survey would undermine public confidence while offering no executable alternative. We are also concerned about the plan to appoint a minister for the republic without government firstly obtaining permission to action constitutional change by referendum.
To raise concern with candidates standing for the House of Representatives election we have sent out a briefing paper, that we encourage you to read on our website.   
70 candidates in 58 lower house seats have indicated support for our recommendation that Parliament legislate to prevent executive government spending public money to ask the people questions about modifying the Commonwealth Constitution, except via referendum.
We are thrilled to report to you that as a result of our communications the Democratic Labour Party has adopted our strategy as policy.
Additionally, here are some of the positive comments we’ve received from several candidates:

  • You can rest assured that I will defend the Australian Constitution with my life, the only way it can be changed is via referendum.
  • Thank you for your email that has educated me.
  • I agree. We don't want to mess around with the Constitution by having non compulsory postal voting.
  • I would vote to not allow the government wasting our money modifying our Australian Constitution without a referendum. Even if I am not elected I would be kicking up a stink.
  • Thank you, not many people start with “congratulations” so I appreciate the detail. ... What you are saying is that people should be left clear to make their choice without fear or influence. In this way it’s the ultimate respect for people; space for them to decide or choose what they want.
  • I totally agree. I’m very disappointed with the current blatant use of taxpayer funds by members of Parliament to push their own barrow and policies just before an election.  The system is currently broken. If I am lucky enough to be elected to the House of Representatives in May, I will strongly object, standing in Parliament, to the current obscene pork-barrelling and use of public funds to gain partisan support for any particular political party's policies.
  • My answer to your question is "Yes". ... We have seen the softening up and back door approach at work already with the same sex union postal survey, which to this day people call a 'vote'. It was a stitch up job, from the get go, with the wording designed with one end in mind.

Let’s now pray especially for lower house candidates who are willing to take action we’ve encouraged, so that if they are elected they would stand strong in defence of the people and the Constitution.
Here is a list of those House of Representatives candidates. And please don’t forget to pray for the pro-life Senate candidates.
To the best of our knowledge, we are not aware of any other groups that have sought to identify where lower house candidates stand on a key constitutional question, and where upper house candidates stand on abortion. We are thankful to God for the opportunity to advise candidates in this critical election, concerned Christians and many others, ahead of the election.
Additionally, our Vote Wisely Guide that highlights the policies of the two major parties has reached around 300,000 on Facebook. Also, sponsors have placed it as a full page spread in the West Australian newspaper on 16th May. It is gratifying to be of service.

In any election, every vote counts – but some count more than others. Your preferences are critical! Make sure your vote counts.

The final, critical Upper House seats in the NSW State election were decided by the failure of moderate and conservative voters to preference wisely. Preferences made all the difference.

Antony Green tweeted about the NSW Election: “The flood of preferences to Animal Justice Party and failure of flow from the right cost the Christian Democrats the last seat.”


Centre and Centre-right voters usually vote for the party they consider the best managers of the economy. This is always important because if a party can’t manage the economy it can’t manage the country. It can take decades to undo the damage to the economy and pay down the debt burden. 

But there is something more important… It can take generations to undo the damage to children caused by the political influences in the education sector.

Families will never recover from the loss of children because of the abortion ideology that the unborn are not human and have no rights.   

Freedom of speech and religion are the lamps that lights society and if we let them go out it may take generations to light them again.

Seats may be decided upon a handful of votes. Your vote must count and the only way you can be sure is to preference wisely and completely.  

Preference wisely

Remember Antony Green’s comment regarding the NSW Election:  “The flood of preferences to Animal Justice Party and failure of flow from the right cost the Christian Democrats the last seat.”

The number of parties listed above the line has grown considerably – except in NT and ACT. If you know what all the parties stand for then preference below the line – at least 80% but preferably all

If this is too complicated, then vote above the line, preference all parties not just 6 – putting the parties with known Christian or family values first and those extreme social policies last. 

Bernard Gaynor observed that the failure of preference flows from the political right in NSW was in part the result of 16,036 Australian Conservative voters failing to preference any other party. Had they preferenced the CDP, the CDP would have won the last seat in place of the Animal Justice Party.

Our Vote Wisely handout lists the vital moral issues at stake. 

Our How to vote in the Senate lists pro-life candidates to pray for.  

Make this federal election vote a conscience vote on the moral issues but don’t ignore sound economic management.