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FamilyVoice Australia has named pro-life law professor Joanna Howe as 2024 Mother of the Year, recognising her enormous contribution to defending the unborn. Spokesman Andrew McColl warmly congratulated Dr Joanna Howe as this year’s winner.

“Professor Joanna Howe is a worthy recipient of the 2024 FamilyVoice Mother of the Year award, as she not only ensures a transmission of the faith and the values of Christianity across the generations through her own young family, but especially as Dr Howe provides a truly outstanding voice for the unborn,” Andrew McColl said.

“Dr Howe is valued for raising a voice on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves, including the unborn in danger of abortion, newborns facing appalling neglect, and for mothers who are preyed upon by the abortion industry.

“Despite all the concern about domestic violence against women, we must fact the fact that our culture is anti-motherhood as it promotes and pays for abortion.

“FamilyVoice Australia salutes Joanna Howe as one of the nation’s leading defenders of God’s gift of new life.”

When considering the nomination made by South Australian pro-life organisation Great Expectations Resources, FamilyVoice recognised Dr Howe as a woman akin to the mother of King Lemuel detailed in Proverbs 31.

The Great Expectations nomination noted that Dr Howe is concerned not only for her own offspring but to urge the civic authority to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute,” noted in the Book of Proverbs.

FamilyVoice honours Dr Joanna Howe for her national leadership to the pro-life cause, as a mother to the nation.

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Against the Conversion Practices Ban Bill 2024 (Good vote)

Banasiak, Borsak, Latham, Mihailuk, Roberts & Ruddick.


In favour of the Conversion Practices Ban Bill 2024 (Bad vote)

Boyd, Buckingham, Buttigieg, Carter, Cohn, D'Adam, Faehrmann, Fang, Farraway, Higginson, Hurst, Kaine, Lawrence, MacDonald, Maclaren-Jones, Martin, Merton, Mookhey, Moriarty, Munro, Murphy, Nanva, Primrose, Rath, Sharpe, Suvaal, Tudehope, & Ward. 


Hansard, Second Reading vote, Friday 22 March 2024

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Australian parliamentarians must follow the example of courageous French senators who have denounced the gender transitioning of children, according to FamilyVoice Australia spokesman David d’Lima.

“Federal politicians need to follow the example of a group of French senators, who have bravely denounced the gender transitioning of children as one of the greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine,” David d’Lima said.

“It’s time for a French lesson for Australian MPs.”

According to investigations by the centre-right Les Républicains party in the French Senate, the medical industry has provided life-altering transgender intervention to children with little evidence of its value, while ignoring the life-long side effects.

“FamilyVoice Australia respectfully challenges federal MPs to urgently hold a full public inquiry into the extent of gender transitioning interventions among Australian children, and the harms done to confused young people.”