FamilyVoice Australia will campaign nationally to ensure that the George Christensen private member's bill to require medical practitioners to provide, under law, a child born alive during a late term abortion with assured medical care.

The bill has been lodged by Federal Member for Dawson George Christensen, and seconded by the Member for New England Barnaby Joyce and is titled Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Act 2021.

“The proposed bill will put in place a reporting requirement for medical practitioners to report children born alive as a result of abortion within seven days. It also underscores the false notion that the bill would require medical practitioners to provide life-saving treatments to non-viable babies” said Greg Bondar, spokesman for FamilyVoice Australia.

FamilyVoice is urging all members of parliament to ensure that a child born alive during a late term abortion remains alive. “The uncomfortable truth is that the child is left to die” added Greg Bondar.

The bill remedies the fact Australia is in breach of two international agreements to which it is a signatory: The Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which recognise the right to life and the right of access to life-saving health care services.

FamilyVoice supports the bill’s offence provision when no life-saving treatment is provided with penalties of higher than $400,000 for health practitioners and higher for corporations. The bill, which could see health practitioners who breach the law deregistered in Australia, is a proper and appropriate sanction for doctors who fail to ‘save lives’.

FamilyVoice encourages and urges all Australians to lend their support for this bill via its website.

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A motion by One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts condemning transgender treatments on children has failed, with Coalition senators siding with Labor & the Greens to defeat it.

Coalition senators were granted a conscience vote on the motion, reportedly the first since 1987.

“The Liberals call themselves conservatives and today we have seen five liberal senators, including ministers, cross the floor to support Australian children accessing irreversible treatments and surgery,” said Senator Malcolm Roberts.

“My motion was about protecting children from these irreversible treatments at a time when a therapeutic pathway should take precedence over a medical pathway.

“It’s a travesty when we let children under 16 years have double mastectomies in Australia”, he said.

Sweden’s leading gender clinic recently became the world’s first to end routine treatment of minors with experimental hormonal drugs.

In Australia, children as young as 10 years of age have been prescribed puberty blockers.

“It’s a sad day for all Liberal voters when their leader in the Senate, Simon Birmingham, crosses the floor and aligns himself with Labor and the Greens against the true conservatives in his party.

“The gang of five must be called to account for their sellout of conservative liberal values.

These are Senators Birmingham, Hume, Payne, Bragg and Colbeck.”

Speaking after the vote Senator Roberts said, “Adolescence is a confusing time and this is not the time for our children to make irreversible life changing decisions.

“It is no wonder that the Australian curriculum is loaded with anti-humanist, ideological rubbish when the former Minister for Education voted against my motion to protect children.

“Shame on him,” he said.

Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg was one of a number of Coalition senators who voted against the motion.

“We want to give people the maximum number of choices when they’re dealing with complicated issues as many trans people are. I think the idea that you would remove options like puberty blockers and other medical options from people is not appropriate,” Senator Bragg claimed.

“It’s not for politicians and the senate to be removing options from medical practitioners.

“I think it’s an inappropriate motion and I was pleased to see it defeated.”

Senator Bragg failed to mention that most children who suffer from gender dysphoria come to accept their real gender in time.

How Senators voted




A peaceful night vigil of hundreds of people at WA Parliament on June 16 will declare ‘No life is disposable at any time’ amid law changes that attack the safety of thousands of women and their children.

“Since we love all mothers and all their children, we reject the deceptive ‘Safe Access Zones’ Bill that threatens mandatory jail and huge fines for caring, silent offers of support to mothers,” said the rally organiser Darryl Budge, who is President of The Coalition for the Defence of Human Life.

“Mothers tell us that abortion leads to decades of pain and regret, and they wish they knew what damage it would do beforehand,” said the pro-life advocate who also represents FamilyVoice in WA.

“As a movement for life in WA, we mourn the deaths of 190,000 unborn children and the thousands of women who have been hurt since abortion was legalised in 1998.”

The WA government has a history of censoring offers of assistance to mothers in distress, according to Mr Budge.

“Amber-Jade Sanderson MLA has ordered the WA Health Department to delete pregnancy assistance groups like Abortion Grief Australia from the ‘Contacts’ section in three pregnancy-related Health Department brochures, even though the group employs qualified counsellors,” Mr Budge said.

“Ms Sanderson excused her discriminatory rejection of these three pregnancy assistance services in Parliament on November 10, by saying they were ‘religious’ and ‘outdated’.

“She did not explain why the government is already partnered with dozens of religious organisations to provide health, aged care, and welfare services.”


The WA government’s ‘Safe Access’ Bill will have a profoundly detrimental effect on the safety of distressed mothers, according to the Coalition for the Defence of Human Life, which is holding a large rally against abortion on June 16.

“The truth about abortion may be uncomfortable but the solution is not the criminalisation of communication about these matters,” said CDHL President Darryl Budge, who also represents FamilyVoice in WA.

“After helping a woman fleeing an abusive situation, a woman can be jailed and fined $12,000, due to this Bill, for having an abortion-related conversation in a 300-metre radius of an abortion facility,” said the father-of-two, who is co-chairing the annual Rally for Life at WA Parliament on June 16.

Mr Budge said that the bill dehumanises women’s independent capacity to protect themselves and their children from abuse at any point in their lives.

“It is distressing that a woman’s free choice to seek help during her pregnancy will be judged and barred by a court, not herself.

“In over 20 years, not a single vigil attendee has been arrested or moved on by police near an abortion clinic in WA.

“This unsafe bill is anti-woman and anti-child. It places women in harm’s way.”