Keep your politics 1080px

Anthony Albanese’s government has announced that the monarchy will be ditched from the $5 note.

Instead of promoting the monarchy as is the custom, the new $5 note will feature a new design “that honours the culture and history of the First Australians”.

The $5 banknote already honours the indigenous people by depicting the boomerang-shaped curves of Parliament House and aboriginal preacher David Unaipon already features on the $50 note. There is therefore no need or justification to ditch the monarchy and our British heritage from the $5 note.

A recent Roy Morgan poll showed 60 per cent of Australians supported maintaining ties to the monarchy. More Australians have been in favour of remaining as a constitutional monarchy than becoming a republic consistently since November 2010.

This decision to attack the Crown and impose republicanism by stealth must be rescinded. Our currency should not be used to advance political agendas.

Please send a quick message to Anthony Albanese.