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“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” (Proverbs 13:22 NKJV)

This verse keeps our life goals, our vision and our legacy front and centre. It makes it clear that investing in the future of our children and grandchildren is one of life’s highest goals.  

Building a legacy is about passing on things of lasting value to those who will live on after us. Legacy involves living intentionally and aiming to build into the success and integrity of the next generations. It is about more than a material inheritance. It is about faith and values as a reliable guiding voice to live by. 

This is our purpose at FamilyVoice and we invite you to partner with us by leaving a bequest to the FamilyVoice Guiding Voice Legacy giving program.  

We understand that it is vital that you provide for the material needs of your loved ones.  The Guiding Voice Legacy program allows you to keep the Guiding Voice of biblical Christian faith and values speaking into their public world, influencing public policy and strengthening the Church in the nation. 

REQUEST your solicitor to include in your Will a bequest to FamilyVoice Australia through one of three options. 


After all your debts have been paid and beneficiaries have been looked after, you can leave the remainder of your estate to FamilyVoice Australia. 


This option allows you to share your estate amongst family, charities and of course FamilyVoice Australia without specifying an amount and instead a percentage of your estate. 


This option allows you to leave a specific amount of money, assets, shares, or anything else you care to bequeath FamilyVoice Australia. 

Please email our National Director, Peter Downie, at nd@familyvoice.org.au if you feel the calling to include FamilyVoice in your Will.