SA Stop Divisive Voice 1080p

The people of South Australia have spoken. Why isn’t the government listening?

The highest No vote cast in Australia was in SA’s working class northern suburbs seat of Spence, where 72 per cent of people voted No in what was once the home of the Holden car factory. Elsewhere the result was an overwhelming “NO” to the Divisive Voice.

Democracy is supposed to work with our elected representatives listening to “The Voice” of the people. The people have spoken load and clear. Now ask the leaders to take action and stop the Divisive Voice.

We thank the opposition leader David Speirs who could scrap the Divisive Voice within two years, as the South Australian Liberals toughen their stance against the Indigenous advisory group after a dismal turnout in the first Voice elections.

Send David Speirs a message of thanks and ask him to ensure that this is Liberal policy that they take to the election.

Tell the Premier Peter Malinauskas to get in before them and stop the Divisive Voice now.