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FamilyVoice Australia is outraged by the debacle at Renmark High School, where year nine girls in a sexual education class learned about bestiality from a swearing guest speaker with no teacher present and no parental consent.

The media reported that:

Kristy Wundenberg said her daughter, 14, found the session “confronting” and “aggressive” and it raised topics they had not yet discussed as a family.

“They weren’t ready for half that content,” Ms Wundenberg told The Advertiser.

“It was gut-wrenching to have the innocence of my 14-year-old taken away.”

Students were also reportedly exposed to “graphic” images of adults who had undergone so-called “sex-change” surgery.

Some of the students felt so uncomfortable that they asked to be excused to go to the toilet and did not go back to the “lesson”.

This is more evidence that the government education system is out of control.

The undermining of the role of parents to educate their children concerning sexuality is deeply concerning.

It’s outrageous that any school would overlook parental consent and allow an unsupervised guest speaker to swear and provide graphic details about bestiality.

Please send a quick message to Premier Peter Malinauskas, Education Minister Blair Boyer (cc’d to Opposition Leader David Speirs and Shadow Education Minister John Gardner) calling for someone to be held accountable for this appalling incident.