Thank Bill Shorten 1080px

It is a good thing that the taxpayers will no longer be slugged to pay for visits to the prostitute!

“NDIS Minister Bill Shorten says regulations that allow participants to access government-funded sex workers will be scrapped, saying it “doesn’t pass the test” for a service that is reasonable or necessary.”

Mr Shorten said while most NDIS participants were “doing the right thing,” he conceded the “rules have been a bit loose at the margins”.

This has led to service providers rorting the system, allowing people to claim services such as international group trips to Japan, steam rooms and cryptocurrency.

The NDIS has been rorted by ‘$2 billion per year’ and the issues seem to be ‘deep and systemic’.

We call on Bill Shorten to ensure this is all fixed up so the taxpayer and particularly families are not being ripped off.

Please send a message to Bill Shorten to thank him that no more prostitutes will be paid for by the taxpayer via the NDIS and ask him to fix all the other rorts in the NDIS system.