Tell Albo Bishop 1080px

What a relief to hear that Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was not killed in the recent Islamic inspired terrorist attack and is back preaching. Praise God for this wonderful speedy recovery.

What has the good Bishop got to tell us? He is calling out Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in an impassioned defence of freedom of speech and religion.

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, carrying a gold cross and sporting a white eye patch after he suffered lacerations to his face in the April 15 attack, said he could not “fathom” how freedom of speech could not be possible in a democratic country.

“I say to our beloved, the Australian government, and our beloved Prime Minister, the honourable Mr Albanese, I believe in one thing and that is the integrity and the identity of the human being,” he said.

“This human identity, this human integrity, is a God-given gift, no one else.

“Every human being has the right to their freedom of speech and freedom of religion.”

It seems his mental facilities are firing on all cylinders.

No one called for the videos circulating of George Floyd’s actual death to be taken down. Why the enormous double standard? People should be free to make up their own minds on these things.

Please send a message to tell Anthony Albanese as the Bishop is saying, that free speech must prevail and the video of the attack on him must not be taken down.