Anzac Day 2023 campaign 1080p

Embracing the proudest tenets of political-correctness, the Malinauskas ALP government has had the temerity to remove the names “Christmas Day” and “Anzac Day” from the official calendar of South Australian public holidays.

This is no simple matter of semantics. It reveals a deep-seated bureaucratic ambition to rob the culture of its valuable foundations.

For many years, people who would deny our heritage have expressed their irritation by refusing to name the occasion to be celebrated.

Christmas greetings increasingly have become replaced with the nebulously wishful “Happy holidays”. In woke circles, the Queen’s Birthday (now that of the King) long ago became “the June long weekend”.

Now Christmas Day and Anzac Day, Australia Day and other public holidays officially shall be un-named within government listings.

Who does the government think it is?

All the occasions commemorated or celebrated throughout the year long-predate the current crop of MPs and bureaucrats who temporarily occupy their esteemed positions. They surely should safeguard and honour our cultural traditions. Instead, those who cannot resist fiddling are at it again!

It is necessary for the Malinauskas government to rescind this woke move, and instead thoroughly commend each of the holidays we enjoy here in South Australia.

Please send a quick message to the SA Premier Peter Malinauskas and Liberal Opposition Leader David Speirs calling for the names of the public holidays to be restored.