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FamilyVoice welcomes the Coalition’s announcement that it would fund an age verification pilot program to help protect Australian children from porn exposure, if elected. We also welcome Shadow Communications Minister David Coleman's intention to introduce a private members bill to amend the Online Safety act to legislate for the Minister to run a trial to better protect children.

The Federal Government has rejected an age verification pilot program. The Federal Government is putting the vested interests of the predatory global porn industry ahead of the wellbeing of children.

The grooming impact of porn on a generation of children is being seen in schools across the country, with girls reporting more sexual harassment, touching, sexual moaning, rape threats, demands for nude pictures and receiving unsolicited sexual pictures. Many girls do not feel safe at school.

FamilyVoice calls on Federal MPs to support this private member's bill. This is a chance to get the age verification roadmap back on track.

Please send a message to Federal Shadow Communications Minister, Mr. David Coleman and the opposition leader Peter Dutton thanking them for this policy initiative that will protect children.