Keep Christmas day for Jesus

Christmas Day will have its first Australian sporting fixture, with the NBL set to stage a clash between arch rivals Sydney Kings and Melbourne United unless we act now.

The Christmas Day NBL game planned between Sydney Kings and Melbourne United is a blatant attempt to undermine and belittle the faith of Australian Christians.

The NBL chairman needs to understand that Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. This great family event does not need sports to unnecessarily intrude and take away from the significance of Christmas.

Many families gather at Christmas and for some it is the only time they see other family members. Some travel many kilometres to be home with loved ones on this special day. Having this distraction would ruin the day.

Jesus gave up so much for us, to come into this world to rescue us. Surely, we could give up sport on Christmas Day, to remember him and celebrate Christmas with our families.

Please send a message now to the NBL Chairman to let him know that we want Christmas kept to celebrate the birth of Jesus with our families and not for sport.