SA Voice 1080px Respect the Referendum repeal the SA Voice

The voters of South Australia, along with those in every other State, have utterly slammed the door on the very concept of enshrining an Indigenous Voice within the Federal Constitution.

Yet Premier Malinauskas has ruled out removing the SA Voice to Parliament from the State Constitution, and the Liberal Opposition is yet to commit itself to either keeping or removing the SA Voice to Parliament.

It beggars belief that the State Government and Opposition have not immediately committed to removing this divisive structure that will undermine democracy, subvert representative government and erode the sovereignty of Parliament, all at massive taxpayer expense. It beggars belief that the overwhelming public rejection of the proposal to create a Voice within the Federal Constitution has not resulted in the SA Parliament removing this structure from the State Constitution.

Unfortunately, the SA Constitution is in the hands of the Parliament and many of its sections can be changed by MPs without having to refer the matter to the people.

Thank goodness the founders of Federation understood the importance of referring national constitutional reform to the electors.

However, upper house MP Hon Sarah Game continues to provide excellent leadership on many key issues and has introduced a bill for the removal of the SA Voice to Parliament from within the State Constitution. We fully support that move.

We go further, however, in demanding State Parliament hand to the people the power to change the State Constitution, as MPs have proven themselves to be overwhelmingly out of touch with the wishes of the voters.

Please send a quick message to Premier Peter Malinauskas and Opposition Leader David Speirs.