Keep Art Safe for Kids 1080p

Parliamentarian Sarah Game has raised the alarm over obscene sculptures at the Art Gallery of SA, calling for them to be moved to an adults-only area.

FamilyVoice has urged Premier Malinauskas to protect children from harmful exposure to “highly offensive and perverse exhibits” in South Australia’s Art Gallery, following concerns raised.

Families with young children should enjoy the freedom to move around the Art Gallery without fear of exposure to filth.

The public outcry against promoting deviant behaviour by teaching children bestiality earlier this year at Renmark High School makes it very clear that ordinary voters are sick of the mistreatment of young people by incompetent governments.

The concerns raised need to be treated seriously and we urge the ALP government to demand the Art Gallery clean up its exhibits, and if necessary, with the threat of cutting its public funding.

The premier who is rightly worried about damage done to young people by the content on mobile phones must also be concerned about the payment of taxpayer dollars on perversity in the Art Gallery.

Please send a message to the Premier Peter Malinauskas and opposition leader David Speirs asking them to take swift action to clean up the Art Gallery.