Free Musa Toure 1080p

Adelaide United soccer player Musa Toure has been disciplined for daring to post to his social media account that he does not support the league’s woke homosexual Pride Round.

“For the Muslim brothers and sisters I’m an Adelaide United player but also I’m a Muslim before anything,” Toure said on social media.

“I do not support the pride round. I love football but I have no say … the Muslims in my team all disagree about the pride round but we also have no problem with the LGBTQ PEOPLE!! It’s their life.”

But for daring to dissent from radical LGBT ideology, Toure was told to delete the post by Reds officials.

“Adelaide United acknowledges a social media statement made by one of our players regarding pride round,” the club said in a statement.

“We respect individual beliefs, and we will continue to embrace diversity, and welcome individuals from all backgrounds.

But if the club truly valued diversity, it would allow Musa Toure to express his sincerely held beliefs on matters of human sexuality.

Please send a message to Adelaide United calling on them to stop censoring Musa Toure.