What is it?

365Life is FamilyVoice’s primary response to the Australian abortion genocide.

Most Australians support “women’s right to choose” therefore, in their ignorance, they support the murder of whole generations of Australian babies.

Governments around Australia do not have the political will to protect unborn babies, despite some MPs being passionately pro-life. Laws to protect the unborn will not change until culture changes. We aim to change Australian culture and save tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of babies, and also change laws.

365Life is a growing organization conceived by VoiceforChange, the young adult arm of FamilyVoice Australia, launched in August 2019. It involves volunteers placing business-sized waterproof cards, with a simple life-affirming message, daily throughout Australian communities.

It’s all free!

365Life vision is to broadcast free life-affirming cards defending unborn children to every corner of every community in Australia through an ever-increasing number of volunteer distributors.

What We’ve Done So Far

More than 300 volunteers are currently working for 365Life across 6 states. Cards are free – we post cards anywhere in Australia

Three current messages: Me, Still Me; A Person is a Person no matter how small - addressing contentions around environment and size and Need Help? - an offer to assist through linked organisations.

Every Card Can Save A Life!

Cards are placed where they can be found, and in this war of ideas our message can change a mind, resulting in an abortion not proceeding.

Where? 365Lifers leave cards anonymously wherever we go – trains, buses, cafes, servos, picnic tables, inside books, restaurants, letter boxes, schools, post office, bank, dentist, doctor, friend’s house, church etc (not on cars).

One per day – on average - easy

365Life mission - To connect people with every valued organization supporting women in crisis pregnancy and publicize life until every Australian recognizes the intrinsic value of all children in the womb from conception to birth – complete culture change!

Voice4life.com.au website – linked to every card – another soft message and 21 pregnancy-help centres – Connecting, promoting, building these great organizations, providing practical help and advice, and saving lives.

365Life Values – we:

- provide free cards anywhere in Australia

- guarantee integrity and confidentiality of data – 365Lifers don’t receive any other information.

- send regular fortnightly email updates

- ensure thoughtful, careful team building and volunteer management

What We Will Do In 2021 And Beyond

Our long-term goal - 2,740 volunteers nationwide distributing one million cards each year by end of 2027.

From August 2019, our two-year goal of 100 volunteers was reached in just eight days! We re-adjusted our goals, deciding on 300 volunteers by end of 2020. This was accomplished. Our next goal is 550 volunteers by end of 2021 – committing our ministry to placing 200,750 cards each year.

We would like to see every church and every committed Christian involved, helping financially, distributing cards, saving lives! Would you like to join? Contact Peter Stevens on 0413 467 831 or vsd@familyvoice.org.au – we’ll get you started immediately!

As we sense culture changing, we’ll press hard for laws to change – protecting Australians from the moment of conception!