SA abortion bill campaign 1

Parents and children will be the real victims if Victorian Labor’s Change and Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020 passes parliament.

Under the proposed legislation, a person will be liable for penalties of up to 10 years’ imprisonment if they ‘engage in a change or suppression practice’ towards another person’s ‘sexual orientation or gender identity.’

This means that a parent, pastor, psychologist, or health professional would be prohibited from open discussions with a child struggling with the difficult questions around gender identity. People seeking help concerning their unwanted sexual feelings would be denied assistance, including prayer support!

A sinister feature of this legislation is that while it prohibits advice about adhering to birth sex, it protects any action affirming gender change, and also punishes anyone getting help outside the state of Victoria.

For example - 13-year-old Suzie Smith is uncomfortable with her birth-sex, female, and is beginning to realize that she really is a boy. She has shared this concern with her teacher at school and has received encouragement to consider a gender transition. Suzie’s parents, Bob and Jenny, feel that Suzie might be experiencing a period of gender dysphoria (unhappiness) that could soon pass – with a bit of help.

However, Bob and Jenny are prohibited under the new law from discussions with Suzie – unless their conversation is directly related to affirming Suzie’s change.

Bob and Jenny are not allowed to get assistance from their doctor, pastor or friends. Even if Suzie would like help from mum and dad to remain a girl – Bob and Jenny could still be investigated and prosecuted if they advise her against change.

Suzie has some serious emotional and mental issues. Bob and Jenny would like to take Suzie to a psychiatrist interstate, but even there the new law will catch up with them – because even interstate help is prohibited if it affects someone in Victoria.

Back at school, teachers and the school doctor are fully protected by the new law in their support and affirmation of Suzie’s gender change – even if that should lead to dangerous puberty blocking drugs and breast removal.

The proposed law also provides for Bob and Jenny to be ‘re-educated,’ and for Suzie to be given access to ‘support’ agencies.

Governments should never interfere with parental rights to counsel their children, or children’s rights to seek help. Please take these simple steps to contact your MPs and let them know this bill must be dumped.

Please Note: This campaign is open to Victorians only.