We are rightly concerned as the corona virus has claimed the lives of 20 Australians, but let’s just put this into perspective, by recognising that in Australia each day about 350 unborn lives are extinguished by surgical abortion, with almost zero outcry from civic authorities or Christian leaders.

May God use the corona crisis to shake up the nation, and especially the churches under whose watch the abortion crisis has quietly persisted since the mid 1970s.

The blood of the slain cries to God (Genesis 4:10), though we cannot hear the sound and perhaps are too distracted to care.

Friends, it is time to repent!

While it won’t be easy to eliminate abortion, and although that remains our long-term goal, the current challenge is to defeat a proposal to widen abortion access here in South Australia.

It beggars belief that our State Parliament is preparing itself to seriously consider proposals that would effectively legalise abortion throughout the entire term of pregnancy!

But in the same way that prayerful and concentrated efforts by the people of God helped to soundly defeat the prostitution proposal last year, we can also defeat this far worse proposition about abortion.

But please let’s not leave it to “someone else”!                                                                

Let’s all do our part to pray and to urge our parliamentary representatives towards defending the most vulnerable in society.

I’m urging Christian people like you to send a polite but firm message to your local State MP, in defence of the unborn.