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Today we learned about ridiculous activist pressure on Streets ice cream to rename its popular “Golden Gaytime” frozen treat.


The on-line petition demanding the change is currently at more than 1,100 people and is growing.

Is the world going mad, in the quest for political correctness?

Here at FamilyVoice Australia we are urging supporters like you to stock up your freezers with Golden Gaytime ice creams, especially ahead of Easter, to send a power market-led rebuttal of any move to sanitise the language.

It’s hard to believe anyone is genuinely offended by this iconic frozen treat, and no-one is forced to buy the product.

The lovely names “Gay” and “Gaynor” are not uncommon, but are doubtless losing popularity owing to the action of a tiny minority that wants to impose exclusive ownership of such words, along with images of the rainbow.

Ironically, the person behind the petition is not willing to reveal his name but uses the term: Brian Mc.

Let’s never forget the power of images, words and concepts. While the fight against slavery was won by badges, leaflets, and even images on sugar bowls, we will lose the culture war if we don’t join the battle for hearts and minds.

Please send a short message to Streets ice-cream, reassuring the company that you have absolutely no problem with the name of their product and you will definitely be purchasing Golden Gaytime ice creams for your family ahead of Easter.