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Many in our community are concerned about the heavy handed approach that state premiers are taking to combating the Coronavirus and the destructive impact this is having on families and businesses.

Pastor Mario Schiavone has written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison with his thoughts on the matter.

Send a quick message to the PM letting him know your thoughts on how the state premiers are handling the response to Coronavirus (see below the Pastor’s Schiavone’s letter).

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19 July 2021

Dear 'Honourable' Prime Minister Morrison,

Rest assured of our prayers and support as you lead our nation, especially during this very difficult time.

I am thankful for our nation that has a rich Christian history. I am sure you will agree that God has blessed us because of this.

My present and urgent concern is that we apply God's wisdom in dealing with this pandemic. In the Bible, the Book of Leviticus chapter 13 God tells us how to deal with infectious diseases of which we can apply to the current CV pandemic. It begins with inspection of the individual (get tested), this was carried out over a period of 14 days. During this time he was isolated from healthy individuals/community. Then upon confirmation that he has an infectious disease he continued to isolate away from the community. The infected individual was responsible to wear a mask (not healthy individuals) and he was to warn anyone in range of him that he is infected. He was to remain indefinitely alone (isolated) until he was declared healed of his infectious condition. Meanwhile the rest of the community continued to operate normally.

No lockdowns were needful, you simply isolated the infected individual, this is God's wisdom.

I respectfully appeal to you that lockdowns of whole States is not wise in controlling infectious diseases and that we need you to guide our nation in removing this unhealthy strategy that is depressing our economy and individual lives. People's mental health are at stake, Prime Minister. Lockdowns are de-humanising our society by un-necessary restrictions and fear that is being propagated through the media.

Also, lockdowns are breaking God's Law, by forbidding Christians to worship congregationally (Hebrews 10:25) and last but not least our Australian Constitution gives us the right to practice our religious freely as we choose, this is not possible today because of all these lockdown restrictions. I understand health measures need to be taken to protect citizens, but it can be done without crippling our economy and people's lives if we apply God's wisdom. Abraham Lincoln said: "You can’t strengthen the weak by weakening the strong".

I beseech you Prime Minister to lead our nation and putting to an end these lockdowns that are not only damaging the fabric of our society but also they are not wise in dealing with infectious diseases.

Identification, Isolation and Individual responsibility of the infected to maintain distance from the healthy, this is wisdom. So, then people can continue with their lives in work and caring for their families.

God bless you; I am praying for you and appreciate all that you do for our nation,

Pastor Mario Schiavone