Draq Queen Dan Andrews 650px

Former Victorian Premier Dan Andrews at a Drag Queen Story Time event in 2023

People power has forced the ABC Queer channel to scrap the involvement of drag queens reading to young children at Sydney’s Rockdale Library, in a move welcomed by FamilyVoice Australia spokesman David d’Lima.

 “Outraged ratepayers have thrown political correctness to the wind, as they spoke up to protect children from gender confusion, and have sent the drag queens of NSW into exile,” David d’Lima said.

 “We cannot allow young children to view cross-dressing as normal or worthy of celebration, and we must enable youngsters to appreciate the natural difference between male and female.”

 FamilyVoice Australia is very disappointed that the taxpayer sponsored Australian Broadcasting Corporation would sponsor and encourage the involvement of drag queens with young children.

 “The ABC is out of control, and we urgently need a proper independent inquiry into its conduct as the publicly funded national broadcaster.”