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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his government have “declared war against faith-based schools”, according to FamilyVoice Australia spokesman David d’Lima.

“The Albanese government effectively has declared war on independent schools by its plan to remove exemptions from sexual discrimination legislation and somehow move them into religious freedom legislation.

“That strategy would separate faith and sexuality, leading to protracted legal wrangling as to whether a school’s view on sexuality is anchored in its understanding of faith.

“The current clear-cut freedom of schools to maintain their integrity would be lost, and small schools especially would lack the capacity to mount legal action to somehow prove their sexual ethics are grounded in their faith.

“Schools that are already stretched to meet the growing public demand for excellent independent education would be drawn into protracted, expensive and time-consuming action to justify their integrity, to a court’s satisfaction.

“They can do without this extra burden of cultural warfare.”