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It’s rarely reported in the mainstream media, but you read it here: Australia’s pro-life movement is growing.

Back in September 2019, 10,000 pro-lifers rallied in Sydney’s Hyde Park.

And two weeks ago, on 6 February 2021, 5000 pro-lifers rallied in front of the Adelaide Oval.

But whereas Sydney’s population is close to 5 million, Adelaide has just 1.3 million. Adelaide’s 2021 pro-life crowd, per million, was nearly twice as big as Sydney’s in 2019.

Australia’s pro-life movement is indeed growing.

Sadly, it was not enough in 2019 to persuade NSW MPs to defeat their abortion-to-birth bill, but pro-lifers were able to achieve some worthwhile amendments.

It was the same in the SA parliament last week. Abortion-to-birth has been decriminalised, but with tighter restrictions than the original bill. There is a ban on sex-selection abortions and a requirement for counselling as well as information on abortion risks and alternatives such as adoption. Babies born alive after an abortion will now be given the same care as other babies after birth.

So there has been some progress. If these changes are enacted, we will hopefully see more SA babies saved from abortion and available for adoption by some of the loving couples on the long waiting list.

Andrea and Neil Loughhead told the huge crowd at the Adelaide Walk for Life about their adoption “miracle”. A medical episode when she was a child meant Andrea was unable to bear children. After passing the thorough vetting process for adoptive couples, they waited – and waited.

Finally, after about seven years, they were offered a baby girl – one of only two babies available for adoption in SA that year. It was indeed a miracle – some years, no baby has been released.

We are praying that this situation will change, along with Australia’s anti-life culture. FamilyVoice Victoria Director Peter Stevens gives thanks for the growing number of supporters who are now placing small “365 Life” cards in buses, parks, cafés and supermarkets where passers-by can see their simple pro-life message.

We pray that all Australians will come to know the truth of Psalm 139:13 – that every child in the womb is God’s precious creation, deserving our love and protection:

And a final thought. Our current culture is not only anti-life, it is anti-faith. Our freedom to speak God’s truth is under attack as never before, especially in Victoria where the new ban on “change or suppression practices” even includes requested prayer.

Peter Downie - National Director

FamilyVoice Australia