The call to prevent children sharing their faith at Queensland schools is an example of out-of-control bureaucracy, according to Christian advocacy group FamilyVoice Australia.

“It is grossly improper for unelected officials in the education department to make policy without parental consultation and government approval,” said FamilyVoice National Director Ashley Saunders.

“This is out-of-control bureaucracy,” he said.

“It completely undermines the role of parents as fundamentally responsible for the education of children.

“It is unacceptable for officials to ban discussion on the Christian values that most Australian parents and school curricula for the past 200 years recognise as the basic foundation of Western society.

“Why the sudden attempt to silence this conversation? What is the department afraid of?

“In preparing students for entrance into broader society, teachers should be helping them learn to share their views in an articulate and respectful fashion, not try to shut them up.”