Parliament should censure Greens MP Adam Bandt for disrespecting the Australian flag, according to advocacy group FamilyVoice Australia.

The Australian National Flag should be displayed only in a manner befitting the national emblem: it should not be subjected to indignity, nor displayed in a position inferior to any other flag or ensign. It should always be flown aloft and free.

"As a member of Parliament Bandt should be setting an example not carrying on in such a childish manner", said FamilyVoice spoeksman David d'Lima.

"Parliament should set an example and censure Bandt for this extremely poor behaviour.

"Under the Australian Flag Protocols the flag should not be flown in a position inferior to that of any other flag or ensign.

"It's appalling that Bandt has had the flag hived off to the corner like it's some piece of junk."