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FamilyVoice Australia is urging householders to tick one of the Christian faith boxes in the census form, to ‘resist militant atheism’ and promote ‘faith integrity’.

“Ticking one of the Christian faith boxes is a vital way to resist militant atheism that is denying freedom to believers in Christ,” said FamilyVoice spokesperson David d’Lima.

“By indicating their faith, people of Christian persuasion lend influence that will challenge such moves as scrapping the Lord’s Prayer in the Victorian Parliament, and resist efforts to remove freedom of faith within independent education,” he said.

FamilyVoice Australia recently successfully campaigned to retain Christian prayer in the Victorian Parliament, leading to the ALP government pushing the matter beyond the next State election.

“We fully intend to make prayer in Parliament a campaign issue at the next election,” David d’Lima said.

FamilyVoice has also challenged federal attempts to remove parental freedom of choice in the education of children.

“The growing number of parents choosing independent education, mainly in Christian contexts, must not be opposed by politically-correct minorities,” David d’Lima said.

“The case for freedom of faith is made clear when people exercise their freedom to tick the appropriate box in the census.”

However, FamilyVoice is also urging people to follow through with church attendance and activity in the civic arena.

“We strongly urge people to tick the relevant box, but also to start meeting with other Christian believers who also hold pro-family and pro-life values,” David d’Lima said.

“This will promote faith integrity, and help provide united resistance to secularism with its denial of freedom of choice.”