Many Australians are annoyed at the lack of fair representation of the Christian Worldview on various programs on the ABC such as Q&A, News, The Drum, 7:30 Report, Insiders, Compass, and Shaun Micallef's MAD AS HELL, which recently had a full-frontal nude male on the show.

Australia needs an Ombudsman for the ABC, as Senator Alex Antic called for in a recent FamilyVoice webinar, so that complaints can be handled properly and fairly.

The ABC has the following ‘approach’ on vital issues:

  1. Family – ABC supports same-sex “marriages”, opposes the definition of a natural family, supports transgenderism, and supports abortion along with euthanasia which are all anti-family. More recently, the ABC has moved towards gender-neutral language where “nonbinary” pronouns are favoured instead of ‘him’ or ‘her’ and where mothers giving birth become ‘birthing parent 1” and ‘breastfeeding’ becomes ‘chest feeding’ - again all anti-family.
  2. Faith – ABC considers Australia to be secular even though the previous census in 2016 still showed Australia had 52% identify as being Christians. The ABC also opposes prayers in parliament. The acronym ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) could as easily stand for the Atheist Broadcasting Corporation or perhaps Anti-Biblical Christianity. Most of the current affairs, and general programs, shows ABC’s alarming anti-Christian bias.
  3. Freedom – ABC opposes a Religious Freedom bill, opposes free speech by silencing people, like Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Bettina Arndt to name a few and supports woke causes, cancel culture, political correctness and anti-Christian organisations like Get-Up.

The ABC as a publicly funded broadcaster has a special duty to report news and topical issues accurately and in a fair-minded, balanced manner. Instead, the ABC has become a vehicle for promoting anti-Christian causes that raise a strong suspicion of a moralistic witch-hunt mentality.

Please send a message to the Communications Minister Paul Fletcher asking for an Ombudsman to fix the ABC. 

Peter Downie - National Director

FamilyVoice Australia