Controversial gender and sexuality fluidity material is out of NSW schools, but parents may still question the sexuality content of high school courses

The NSW Liberal government’s replacement for the Crossroads high school course will no longer push gender questioning and sexual fluidity.

The new Life Ready senior high program updates materials from five of the six Crossroads modules, including mental health and wellbeing; drugs and alcohol; relationships, sexual health, relationships and sexuality; and safe travel.

A new ‘independence’ module replaces the controversial ‘own identity’ material, which had discussed “binary thinking about gender and sexuality” and pushed a gender theory view of gender questioning, sexual identity, transgender and same-sex attraction. The new module will focus on financial literacy, civic engagement and body image.

Education Minister Rob Stokes said, “Disproportionate emphasis on contested gender theories are not helpful in a limited 25-hour course whose primary aim is to specifically prepare students for post-school
life.” He said that gender and sexuality are “sufficiently covered” in the health and physical education syllabus released in 2018 that is mandatory for all schools.

“While this is welcome news, the battle isn’t over yet as it is imperative that parents press teachers on the sexuality content in order to keep that in check as many no doubt will have untoward, politically correct agendas of their own,” said FamilyVoice NSW spokesperson Graham Isbister.