Christian advocacy group FamilyVoice Australia says Dr Brendan Murphy’s view on defining gender is “woeful in the extreme”.

FamilyVoice gender spokesman David d’Lima has rejected the response by Dr Brendan Murphy on the definition of gender.

“It’s profoundly disappointing that government officials are following politically correct principles that have no basis in reality,” David d’Lima said.

“The response to a question about defining gender is woeful in the extreme.

“Contrary to the official response, gender is not assigned at birth, nor does it reside in the mind of the individual, but it’s clearly evident from the moment of conception.

“It is not so difficult to recognise reality.

FamilyVoice Australia says they are completely sympathetic to anyone who may be confused about their gender, but blames the media and the education system for preying upon vulnerable people.

According to FamilyVoice Australia, young people who may experience gender confusion during adolescence tend to outgrow their confusion when they reach adulthood.

“But officials who affirm gender fluidity only add to the damaging influence of the  media and the education system, to provoke a growing number of upset and confused young people,” he said.