A peaceful night vigil of hundreds of people at WA Parliament on June 16 will declare ‘No life is disposable at any time’ amid law changes that attack the safety of thousands of women and their children.

“Since we love all mothers and all their children, we reject the deceptive ‘Safe Access Zones’ Bill that threatens mandatory jail and huge fines for caring, silent offers of support to mothers,” said the rally organiser Darryl Budge, who is President of The Coalition for the Defence of Human Life.

“Mothers tell us that abortion leads to decades of pain and regret, and they wish they knew what damage it would do beforehand,” said the pro-life advocate who also represents FamilyVoice in WA.

“As a movement for life in WA, we mourn the deaths of 190,000 unborn children and the thousands of women who have been hurt since abortion was legalised in 1998.”

The WA government has a history of censoring offers of assistance to mothers in distress, according to Mr Budge.

“Amber-Jade Sanderson MLA has ordered the WA Health Department to delete pregnancy assistance groups like Abortion Grief Australia from the ‘Contacts’ section in three pregnancy-related Health Department brochures, even though the group employs qualified counsellors,” Mr Budge said.

“Ms Sanderson excused her discriminatory rejection of these three pregnancy assistance services in Parliament on November 10, by saying they were ‘religious’ and ‘outdated’.

“She did not explain why the government is already partnered with dozens of religious organisations to provide health, aged care, and welfare services.”